Missing You By: Erica London (Digital Copy)


This book was solely written from a place of love, a place of which I had every hope that it would help my children heal and feel comfortable to grieve without judgement.

My hope is that it will not only touch your heart, but bring you to a place where you or even the young child you’re reading to feel comfortable to discuss your thoughts and express your emotions.

Most importantly to realize that you were/are blessed with being able to spend a part of your life with this family member that has passed on or even making preparations to do just that.








This 24 page book is written in the form of a poem that follows a young narrator as she experiences a wide array of feelings,  fears and memories while processing the loss of her beloved uncle.

The illustrations are not only thoughtful and vibrant, but they are followed by facts that would be beneficial to the adult reader as well as questions that can be asked of the child.




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