Missing You By: Erica London


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This book was solely written from a place of love, a place of which I had every hope that it would help my children heal and feel comfortable to grieve without judgement.

My hope is that it will not only touch your heart, but bring you to a place where you or even the young child you’re reading to feel comfortable to discuss your thoughts and express your emotions.

Most importantly to realize that you were/are blessed with being able to spend a part of your life with this family member that has passed on or even making preparations to do just that.








This 24 page book is written in the form of a poem that follows a young narrator as she experiences a wide array of feelings,  fears and memories while processing the loss of her beloved uncle.

The illustrations are not only thoughtful and vibrant, but they are followed by facts that would be beneficial to the adult reader as well as questions that can be asked of the child.



2 reviews for Missing You By: Erica London

  1. Donna Marie, NJ Reviewer

    Death, funerals and grief are touchy matters not easily understood by children. Author Erica London addresses the loss of a loved one (in this case, a girl losing an uncle), from the beginnings of missing him, wondering where he is and why everyone is crying. Family explains that Uncle is gone—and to a better place. The funeral itself, along with the goings-on of the experience, are beautifully depicted through the brilliant illustrations by Mayhara Ferraz. Emotions flow from one page to the next, with the sadness of his absence and the memories held dear that will keep him near—till they meet again. This book, through story and the welcome feature of back matter with wise suggestions and conversation starters, is a very helpful tool to guide children through the grieving process.

  2. Dr. Melissa Sue-John

    Missing you” written by Erica London and illustrated by Mayhara Ferraz features a beautiful brown girl with curly hair standing with a photo in her hands on the book cover. Filled with colorful and detailed illustrations, rhymes (e.g., always and days), and homonyms (here and hear), this is an emotional but inspiring story about a little girl learning about and coping with the loss of her uncle. The illustrator uses diverse characters and different settings to show the importance of family and friends during the bereavement process. The author does a wonderful job showing that death isn’t the end because memories keep our loved ones near. The book ends with helpful tips for parents on explaining the passing of a loved one, conversation starters, and biographies of the author and illustrator.

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