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Stuck In the Middle is a humorous poetry book that follows a child that realizes there will be yet another addition to her family. In dealing with this, she cleverly takes matters in to her own hands. What do you think she will do?



8 reviews for Stuck in the Middle Softcover By: Erica London

  1. Kidlio Magazine

    Life is hard as a middle child! You get old clothes from your older siblings because you are younger than them and you cannot complain about the younger ones because you are older than them. Only Middle Children better understand this book, being a middle child, I can totally relate to this book. This amusing story follows a girl who realizes that there will be a new addition to her family, and she will become a middle child soon. In dealing with this middle child problem, she has her own identity, so she cleverly takes matters into her own hands. She decided to convince her mom-dad and tell them her terms and condition of being a middle child. This book exhibits how to parent a middle child so they never feel left out or ignored in the family. Perfect for 2+

  2. Nicoya Riley

    This book is a MUST BUY for all parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

    It provides and insider perspective of how a middle child might feel and ways to go about addressing these emotions. More importantly, it resonates with them, opening up a dialogue to begin the conversation of what it may be like being the middle child.

    In addition, this book makes the perfect gift for family’s expecting a 3 child.

  3. Laura-Lee

    This book is a must have. This book speaks about the challenges middle child might feel. Growing up I never fully understand the struggles middle child feels but reading this book to my daughter gave me a different perspective.

  4. Priyanka Das

    A child always has his place in the family no matter he is the oldest, middle or youngest. This story reassures that. Great book for kids to understand and feel confident of their role in the family

  5. Ornella Ngabire

    I personally liked everything about this book. The story is heartwarming and very eye-opening. I have never heard about middle child syndrome before and I strongly believe that those type of conversations are much needed in every household to allow parents and children alike to better understand the structure of each family and the feelings of each child in regards to the position they hold in the family. There is nothing wrong about being the oldest, youngest or the middle child. What is important is that every child feels loved, cared for and valued for who he/she is and not what the parents, society or siblings think he/she should be or should have. This book is a great educational book that I would recommend every teacher, librarian, parent or guardian, and nurse to check out. It is definitely worth every second of your time.

  6. Rovina

    A great book for children, parents, and educators! Using humour as a way to depict reality, this books explores many of the emotions that middle children feel. I love the information in the back of the book as this is enlightening to those that may not be familiar with middle child syndrome. Well done!

  7. Alison

    This book is amazing “Stuck in the middle”. We are a blended family so our 3 year old is a middle child and even our one year old also gets the experience of a middle child in so many ways. They both love, love, love the images. They are also super into the story, and enjoy the voices I make as I read it. We love it!

  8. Trician-Renée

    This is the perfect story to help with easing a child in to a space that can somewhat be unforgiving at times. It is definitely tough being stuck in the middle! The illustrations are captivating and the use of rhymes helps to keep young listeners rhythmically engaged. Well done!

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